The Cyberspace Shuttle

So this internet thing is a pretty big deal. I’d go so far as to say it’s the biggest deal. Without the internet, we wouldn’t even know what make a big deal out of. The other day I was listening to a University Alumni  who graduated in 1994 speak to a group of students. They looked at the room before they began speaking feeling something out of place, “Well this is kind of weird, when I was in college laptops hadn’t been invented yet.” And while the exact time of the laptop’s entrance in the consumer world isn’t cited in this statement, the point remains that technology has blasted forward with no remorse in the past 20 years.

It hasn’t been that long folks. So back to the internet. Trix are not for kids anymore. Everyone from Ted Cruz to the Queen of England has a twitter account. Facebook has a over a billion users. Think about that, a billion, and Facebook can recognize each and every one of your  faces every time it sees a picture. Jesus.

The internet is so big that if I wanted to call it names I would only be able to refer to a small constituency of internet activity and consumers at any one time. The internet is an equalizer of educational opportunities, between OpenLibrary and Wikipedia and of course all the colleges that exist solely on the personal computer screens of working class adults, one can leaner almost anything they choose to, bearing in mind the sources of their information.

The internet is also the ultimate perpetuator of gossip, cheap gossip. It has turned the entire entertainment industry, including its extended family (politicians) into a small town bubble, where news travels faster than it does in Stars Hollow.

I could spend my whole life critiquing and glorifying the many dreadful and delightful aspects of living life with internet connections but alas, I also must live. I will attempt to get back to my original point which is twenty years ago, it was all so radically different and we are all here now like nothing has ever changed, like it has always been this way. Children born in the year 2000 are teenagers now, a generation that knows no different. I met a nine year old who email his christmas list to his grandmother in the form of Amazon links, there are those who would have to sleep for twenty four hours to go a day without indulging their social networks.

I am not one of those who believes we should all go back to analog making playlists on cassette tapes instead of iTunes but, all of us humans might do well to keep in mind there was life before all of the interconnectedness we constantly take for granted. The whole world lives together, they can talk to each other and that is a wonderful thing. If we could get rid of the mindless, trigger-happy, naysaying keyboard operators who fill the comments section of every nook and cranny of cyberspace with pointless negative and slanderous commentary, you might be saved from me ranting about the internet once more. Again, this will not change. The world is what it is now and unless the President of the United States follows through with his executive power to “shut down all telecommunication services and devices in the name of preserving homeland security,” we will keep logging on to Facebook, we will keep receiving diplomas via email, and everyone will continue to be passionate about the most minute details of Kardashian life. It’s fine, I’m really not that bitter. Really.